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Pizza-examples from different parts of the world

Gambar sisip 1Everyone assumes that Italy is the birthplace of pizza, but may not realize that other parts of the world continue to have an influence on this popular dish. The cakes are different depending on geographical location, so when you head out of town, don't be surprised if the dish ordered looks a bit differently than you expected.

The Neapolitan

From Naples, this pizza is the basis of most modern day cakes. At first, it was a dish of salsa, but toward the end of 1880, when Queen Margrethe came to visit the Royal Palace. With the addition of cheese, transition in modern-day cake called the Daisy. Today, the Daisy includes the crust, tomato sauce and includes Basil and mozzarella. Thus three colors found in tricolor: red, green and white.

Chicago Style

Everyone has seen a pizza pan, but not everyone has tried one. Be sure to get your fork and knife to try and take a slice. Rumor has it that the dish came as the result of a restaurateur tasting a bad enchilada. He chose to make the pizzas instead but has some concerns about how insubstantial meal replacement is done. A change has been made and the crust was thickened with some extra cheese added to make it look bigger and so higher.

Lahma Bi Ajeen

Chances are that this is not going to be found at your local pizzeria. The translation means meat with pasta and this is exactly what you will get when you order. It is from Lebanon and customers order it with onions, cumin and yogurt. Minced lamb is the most heard of the dish.

The Calzone

The Italians took the pizza to a new level with the calzone. Here are all the traditional ingredients are included. Instead of serving them over the crust, everything is enclosed in the Earth's crust. An edge is folded over at the other, making almost shaped like the moon. The calzone is cooked and usually requires a knife and fork.

The Stromboli

The origin of the Stromboli has been in question for years, but most agree that started in the United States. While often linked to Cabral, is actually something completely different. Instead of a pizza, is considered to be a sandwich. The calzone is a folded over version of a cake, the Stromboli is rolled versions of torta. Too should be eaten with a knife and fork.


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