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How to recognize the silver jewels

Silver jewelry is considered as one of the most popular jewelry available on the market. Are available in different patterns and colors. As it was designed in unique patterns, different fashion followers are loyal. Most of the time, people use silver jewels to decorate their nice clothes. Although the market there are several types of silver ornaments, you should be very careful while choosing one for yourself. When you start looking for silver jewelry, you will encounter different types of fake silver jewelry on the market.

These jewels look like real silver jewelry. There are many who unknowingly to buy fake jewelry confuse them with real ones. If you want to ignore this kind of errors, you should know how to identify a real Silver Ornament. In this article you will find some tips that can make the difference between a real and a fake silver jewelry.

The first important thing that you should notice while buying this kind of ornament is the color of jewelry. The ornament you are purchasing is composed of lead, it will have little blue-gray. If it is made of copper, the ornament will look rough and does not shine. The second important thing that will help you identify a genuine piece of silver ornament is the weight of the ornament. The density of silver is more than other types of metals. If the jewelry you are buying are large, but are weighted, meaning that light is made of other metals.

Another thing to note when searching for a real silver jewelry is verify its hardness. Silver is a material softer than copper, but it is much harder than Tin and lead. Can scratching over it with a PIN. If you are unable to make a mark on the piece of jewelry, you can figure out which is made of copper. If you can do a scratch easily and if the brand leaves a deep impression, it means that the jewelry is made of Tin or lead. If you are unable to do any type of mark, make sure it’s silver jewelry.

You can judge the ornament to hear her. For this, you need to throw the ornament off the ground. If you can hear a clear sound, it means that what you choose is made of pure silver. If the jewellery contains fewer amounts of silver, will produce a delicate sound. If the ornament is made of copper, it will produce a strong and piecing the sound.

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